About Us

Laschwandra’s is an online shopping site that caters to the needs of the modern day woman. The products featured on this site is of benefit all women, although a fair proportion of them are especially useful for women of color, more specifically those of African or Afro-Caribbean heritage. In this website we have all kinds of products, including, but not limited to – beauty, fashion, décor, personal hygiene, magazines etc etc, well, anything that can enhance the lives of the modern day chic and glam woman.

So, who are we?

Our names are Atanas and Mark, and we are a two-man operation who runs a group of websites cumulatively known as the Granite Network! Now you might find it strange how two foreign men have ended up running a popular online shopping site which is well known and well-respected by the African-American community. So let us explain.

In 2014 when we were setting up our first product – a weight loss program known as Granite Fitness, we sought to gather public opinion and try it out on people who want to lose weight and get fit. We found that women from privileged races wanted a product that helped them solve their problems with no effort from their part. On the contrary, Black women had a different attitude, and were willing to give us a shot.

As time passed, we earned the trust of many Black sisters by helping them successfully lose a lot of weight. The results they achieved gave them a newfound lease of life and empowerment which gave us untold and limitless joy! And so our roots within the Black American community began. This might sound strange to some, but it is what it is.

As time passed and our relationship with a few Black sisters was forged, we began to understand the issues of the Black community, including the years of systemic racism and disadvantage. And we also learnt about what type of products they valued. Gurl, we knows what wez talkin’ bout!

And so Laschwandra was born to give Black women what they want – and it all started with our Black sisters embracing us and encouraging us when the rest of the world turned their backs on us poor struggling entrepreneur-wannabes. Consider this our gift of friendship with the Black community, whose resilience continues to inspire us foreign men to be our best.

Finally, anything else to add?

Oh yes, definitely! As young and budding entrepreneurs, we have a few other online stores and a wide range of other services that we do provide – quite a lot actually. Since it is all in your best interests, we have added them to the navigation bar for your convenience. Please do check them out.

There are two sites in particular that we would like to share with you. The first is the Granite Fitness Blog, which was one of our first projects that have helped people lose weight. Get a FREE subscription to it today!! The second is Solutions4Me, which provides customised services for specific needs – definitely worth checking out! Cheers, and all the best!